Slowest car in the world

Looking for the Slowest car in the world ? With high-tech electricity and looks forward to next even more technology development overcoming it’s own predecessor. Even so, they learned of errors that can pass along through the periods of time. With that, the way in which vehicles may not operate properly in the marketplace is not irrespective of some products.

With dominance, automobiles have merged and taken the pockets, as compared to such high-speed vehicles, there are also more vehicles. And they have enough characteristics to satisfy an ordinary way of living, a few other slow speed cars are deceiving.

Slowest car in the world

1959 Austin Mini Cooper

The theme of a small cars was continued by Austin Mini Cooper. Both producers have been looking for familiar productions that came in demand since the end of the World War. Austin Cooper won’t be happy  as  the pace of 72 mph.

 Triumph Mayflower

The 1950 Triumph Mayflowers had such a timeless look but with some external adjustments. The design of the raser-edge structure is best known. However I t was 62.9 mph at full speed and in about 27 seconds was accelerated between 0 and 50 mph.

 Tata Nano Twist XT

In a very off brand color Tata Nano Twist is one of the good cars but slow.  The quirky glowing violet features an emphasis on the new look of a millennia. The Twist XT has a maximum speed of 105 km , and engine with a peak power of 37 hp at 5500-250 rpm.

1946 Triumph 1800 Roadster

 This double-door convertible  from  Triumph has a sleek appearance but a vintage finish has been extensively added. The speed metric was not very well matched to pace and quality with a nominal peak speed of 80 mph compared to other incoming or competing cars. It takes about i25 seconds in about to hit  0–60 mph.

2012 Mia Electric Car

Mia is a vehicle run on electricity  and  the structure is the same as the a small utility vehicle and has sufficient room to accommodate 3 passengers. It is powered by such an 8 kWh and 12 kWh electric engine battery. The highest speed of the car is just 62 mph. And hence it is one of the slowest car.

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